Héctor Solis

Global HR programs/projects Management for Corporate Global HR specialized in Corporate HR programs and Mergers and Acquisitions supporting HR integration Globally Responsible for managing the resources of Projects for Internal/External Customers. Managing HR Process involving Compensations, Benefits & Rewards, Payroll, Continuous Improvement , System Development and HRIS projects, or any other function where business and technology needs have to be managed and resources have to be coordinated making sure a program or projects are completed within a certain set of restraints. These restraints usually involve scope, time, cost and quality management. Experienced PM for Mergers & Acquisitions as well as global Company divestitures/carveouts LGBT+ International committee member and advcocate
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¿Qué es la interseccionalidad para un hombre gay e hispano?

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Pride Connection

Un mismo camino con la misma misión: Schneider Electric se une a Pride Connection.

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Mi historia como Ejecutivo LGBT+ en Schneider Electric

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